Aug 02

Version released

Version is a new release; the main improvement is the new version of the GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU emulator (including a graphical LED emulator), paired with a new version of the QEMU Debugging plug-in; also embedded applications can now be executed in Run mode, not only in Debug mode.

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Aug 02

GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU 2.3.50-20150801*-dev released

Version 2.3.50-201508012214 is the first production release of the GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU. It supports a range of STM boards, and fully implements the user LEDs available on these boards, presenting them graphically, in real time animation, over the board picture.

In addition to fully supporting the semihosting commands, intended to running unit tests, the GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU is also intended to running the blinky applications generated by the GNU ARM Eclipse templates.

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Aug 02

GNU ARM Eclipse Build Tools 2.6-20150715* released

A new version of the Windows Build Tools (v2.6-201507152002) was released.

The GNU ARM Eclipse Build Tools v2.6 package includes the version 4.1 of GNU make (built from MSYS2 source files), and version 1.24.0-git of BusyBox, which provides a convenient implementation for sh/rm/echo.

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Mar 22

Version 2.7.1-201503211846 released

Version 2.7.1-201503211846 is a new release; the main improvements include: a new set of preferences pages to configure the debug tools paths (J-Link, OpenOCD); as a homage to the team who created the former CodeRed suite, a new debug perspective named CodeRed was added, intended to be compatible with the CodeRed Develop perspective.

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