Feb 28

Version 2.6.1-201502281154 released

Version 2.6.1-201502281154 is a new release; the main improvements include: significant stability and reliability changes to the Peripheral view, making it production ready; a new mechanism to manage the toolchain path and build tools path; for a better integration with the debug plug-ins, a new distribution of OpenOCD was added as a subproject named GNU ARM Eclipse OpenOCD.

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Oct 15

Version 2.4.1-201410142110 released

Version 2.4.1 is a major release. The main additions, which extend the CMSIS Packs support, are a peripherals registers view in debug, and a documentation view in the C/C++ perspective.

The addition of the peripherals registers views is the first step to improve the debugging capabilities of GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins with complex features, available usually in commercial suites.

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