Apr 17

Site look updated

To quote the Beatles, “with a little help from my friends” (thank you, Kat!) the GNU ARM Eclipse site has a new look, less darkish and with icons better reflecting the three main words in the name.

Apr 11

Version 2.2.1-201404120702 released

Version 2.2.1 is a major release. The main changes are: the complete overhaul of the template plug-ins, the addition of a generic Cortex-M template, the addition of the STM32F2xx template and a better integration of the Freescale PEx template with the Processor Expert 10.4 version.

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Feb 14

Version 2.1.1-201402140758 released

The main change (marked by the increase of the major number to 2.x) is that debugging support in GNU ARM Eclipse became official (the previous Experimental status was removed), with two variants, for a professional product (the SEGGER J-Link) and for the major open source solution (OpenOCD). Another important change was the addition of Freescale templates.

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Dec 24

Version 1.1.7-201312241058 released

This is a maintenance release, fixing the following bugs:

  • [bugs:#68] the path processing for the J-Link plug-in was fixed, now both the GDB client and the GDB server paths can include spaces
  • [bugs:#69] the path processing for the linker -T option in the build plug-in was fixed, now the linker scripts can be referred with paths including spaces
  • the J-link plug-in no longer allows to enable the SWO output parsing if the interface is not SWD.

Many thank to Erich Styger for identifying the bugs and for helping diagnose and test them.

Dec 22

Version 1.1.7-201312221905 released

The main change is the addition of the J-Link debugging plug-in, that supports the SEGGER J-Link JTAG/SWD probe, including extra features, like transparent integration of the GDB server, integration of the Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) window as a standard Eclipse console, a functional restart button, and more.

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